Car Alarm Remote Start

The car alarm remote start feature of many modern car alarms has several benefits, yet there are additional features of remote alarms that make them desirable. Car alarms with remote start often function at a distance of up to a mile. With the remote monitor, check the temperature inside the vehicle. If too cold, start the car remotely, and by the time you get in, the heat will have warmed the interior up considerably.

Car Alarm Remote Features

Aside from its long range, a car alarm remote features a wireless text/graphics display module with LCD screen, ideal for monitoring the engine, temperature, doors and other aspects of the vehicle. The remote transmitter immediately alerts you in case of a break-in, hard impact or other emergency situation.

You can adjust the remote start feature in terms of engine run time. In other words, remotely run your vehicle for a period of time that you find adequate.

Security Features

The car alarm remote start feature of various systems from brands like Viper has security applications as well. With the wireless transmitter, you know if the engine is running in your vehicle. The remote start works in reverse, too, with a failsafe starter kill feature that allows you to remotely turn off the engine in the event that your car has been stolen.