Car Carpet Repair: How to Remove Cigarette Burns

What You'll Need
Carpet knife
Vacuum cleaner
Mini vac
Replacement carpet fibers

If any carpeting in your vehicle has recently fallen victim to cigarette burns, it's important to know about car carpet repair. Below are the steps you will need to take to successfully remove unsightly cigarette burns from your car's carpeting.

Step 1 - Remove Any Debris from Your Carpet

Before proceeding to remove any cigarette burns, you will need to remove any dust, dirt or other debris from the damaged carpet. This can easily be accomplished with the aid of a vacuum cleaner or mini vac. Once the carpet is dirt-free, you'll be ready to move on.

Step 2 - Remove the Damaged Portion of Carpet

Now that your damaged carpet has been vacuumed, it's time for the next step in the car carpet repair process; removing any damaged portions of your carpet. Using a pair of scissors or a carpet knife, gently cut any burned pieces of carpeting off of your car carpet.

Step 3 - Replace Your Carpet Fibers

Having gotten rid of the damaged portions of carpeting, you're ready to carry out the final step in the car carpet repair process. Begin by applying some glue to the areas formerly occupied by burnt carpeting, then carefully place your replacement carpet fibers into the empty areas. Allow the glue to dry for the amount of time specified on its packaging.