Car Paint Removal: How to Remove Car Paint with Household Objects

Car paint removal can be an annoying thing. If you’ve been painting a car and the paint has gone where it shouldn’t, you need to remove it. However, you don’t want to use chemicals for that in case they cause problems. You can undertake car paint removal with items that are already in your house. There are several that will work perfectly well, depending on the surface.

Razor Blade

Every house has a razor blade or a utility knife with a sharp blade. You might not use it often, but it will be there, either in a toolbox or a kitchen drawer. This is perfect for car paint removal from hard surfaces such as glass. It’s important that the paint has fully dried and hardened. You’ll need to wear safety gloves to protect your fingers. If you’re using a razor blade, make sure it’s secure in a holder. Remember to always work away from you.

Push the blade under the paint and keep pushing. You’ll remove a little at first. Return to the edge and keep going until you’ve scraped it all away. On glass, finish by using glass cleaner to restore the shine.


Mustard is a substance that can manage car paint removal. Again, it depends on the type of surface. If it’s on another painted surface, you should not try it, as it will remove all the paint. If there’s car paint on bare metal, though, it will work well.

Daub mustard on to the car paint. Use enough to cover the paint completely, then leave it to dry. Allow a full day, since the mustard has to dry completely. When it’s done, chip the mustard off and the car paint will vanish with it.

Silly String

Dig through the toy box and you might fond some silly string. It’s fun to have around, but it can serve a double purpose as a method of car paint removal. To use it, spray some onto the paint. You only need to use enough to cover the paint completely. Allow it to dry. When it dies it will harden. Give it ample time, up to 24 hours, then chip it off and it will bring the car paint with it.

Brake Fluid

You probably have some brake fluid sitting in the garage. You can also use it for car paint removal. With this you need to be extremely careful. Make sure there are no other painted surfaces around.

Dab a little brake fluid on to a clean cloth. Press the cloth on to the paint to allow the fluid to soak into the car paint. When you’ve done this, begin to rub, lightly at first, then a little harder, until you’ve removed all the paint from the surface. Finishing by cleaning with another clean cloth dampened in water.

What Doesn’t Work

There are tales that substances like vinegar or bologna slices are good for car paint removal. These are simply tales. Neither of them will have the slightest effect on car paint.