Car Radiator Problems: The First Signs Car Radiator Problems: The First Signs

Car radiator problems may develop gradually or quickly, depending upon the nature of the problem. Your car's radiator is one of the most important parts of the engine and is responsible for keeping the motor and other parts of the car at a moderate operating temperature. While prevention is the best treatment when it comes to radiator problems, it pays also to recognize the first signs of radiator trouble. This will allow you to solve any problems before they become severe and potentially dangerous.

The first clue toward a radiator problem is your engine temperature gauge. If you notice the engine operating at a higher temperature than normal, and particularly if you notice a sudden spike in the operating temperature, this may be a sign of impending radiator problems.

If you suspect any radiator troubles, examine the radiator and engine while the car is cool. Never touch a radiator or engine after a car has been running, as the components will be very hot. If you notice any leaking around the radiator or the cooling system, this is another early sign of radiator trouble.

Finally, if you notice any smoke or steam coming from your engine or any other part of your car, this is a sign of imminent radiator problems. In any of these cases, consult with a mechanic for further advice.


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