Car Radio Repair: Installing a New Antenna Car Radio Repair: Installing a New Antenna

What You'll Need
Needle nose pliers
Screwdriver set
Crescent wrench

Whenever you are doing car radio repair, you will find that installing a new antenna is something that you will need to know how to do. Antennas can be fragile, and are easily damaged in car washes or just with normal wear and tear. This is an easy task as long as you have the proper tools and know how. Installing a brand new antenna can do wonders for the overall clarity and performance of your car radio.

Step 1 – Read Instructions

Once you have successfully removed the old antenna, you are ready to put in the new one. Make sure that you read over the instructions that come with the new antenna thoroughly. Every antenna is different as well as every make and model car so make sure that you know how each of them works and how they will work together before you attempt to do anything.

Step 2 – Inspect Area

You will need to look at the antenna mast area to make sure that there is no rust. You will look all around the fender area for this. Make sure that the area is completely free of dirt, debris and dust before you begin installation on the new antenna.

Step 3  Plug Cables

You will need to get the new antenna coaxial cable plugged into the extension coaxial cable that goes with your vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle that you have, you may need to have an adapter so that the two cables will be able to match properly. The new antenna coaxial cable will need to go into the lead of your radio. If there don’t happen to be any extension coaxial cables, then you will need to either tape or tie a string from the extension cable onto the new antenna coaxial. This will ensure that the 2 cables will stay together as they should whenever they are routed to the antenna mount in your fender.

Step 4 – Direct Cable

You are now ready to direct your new antenna cable in through the route that the original antenna cable went through. You will go up through the hole that is in the fender where your mast will be mounted.

Step 5 – Finish Up

You are now ready to get the mast inserted into the hole that goes above. You will screw this in through the coaxial cable. Once you have successfully done this, you are now ready to get the retainer nut replaced. You will do this at the base of your antenna mast. Make sure that you tighten it securely into place. Your last step will include getting the panel that covers the antenna mount area replaced.

Step 6 – Tips

You will find that whenever you are removing the antenna that there are several ways that you can gain access to it. It will all depend on the location of the antenna. For instance, if the antenna is located on the fender’s front side, then you will need to get to it by going through the inner fender panel that is located on the engine compartment inside the door jamb.

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