Car Radio Wiring: Gold vs Bronze Car Radio Wiring: Gold vs Bronze

A car radio and stereo system is an essential addition to the car, and luckily, you don’t need a professional to help you work with your car radio wiring. It is a simple enough process. If you follow the right instructions, you can install, wire and connect and stereo or radio system on your own.

While most of the focus and attention is often concentrated on the model and brand of the radio or audio component, it is the smaller details like the choice of wiring that make a difference in things like sound quality. In fact, the type of wires used in the car radio determines the quality of sound coming from the speakers. When it comes to choices regarding car radio wiring, gold wires and bronze wires are the two options.

Gold vs. Bronze Wires

While both these wires do the same job, i.e., connecting the radio speaker and bringing forth sound from the tracks playing, they both have a different set of properties. This means that not only do they affect the sound quality differently but also they have their own set of problems and issues. Thus, it is always best to choose one over the other depending on your needs and requirements

If you aren’t sure of how to choose between the two, the information below on the characteristics, advantages and drawbacks of both gold and bronze car radio wiring might help you make your decision.

Gold Car Radio Wiring

Gold radio wiring is a common material. It is usually used as a material in audio equipments. However, sometimes, it is also available in whole wire form. The biggest advantage of using gold car radio wiring is that gold car radio wiring does not oxidize; all other competing wiring materials will oxidize over a period of time. This is perhaps the most important reason why gold wiring scores over all other types of wiring. That said; the biggest drawback of gold radio wiring is that it is far more expensive than the other available materials. The price of gold car radio wiring tends to be high as a spillover from the cost of making the gold wiring, both in terms of basic material used (gold) as well as actual production.

Bronze Car Radio Wiring

Bronze wiring is also known as copper speaker wire. It is a popular material and is commonly used in car radios and stereos. The most significant advantage of using bronze car radio wiring instead of gold wiring is that bronze wiring is much cheaper than gold wiring. Additionally, bronze wiring is easier to procure, offers more variety and delivers good results when utilized. It is also a reliable material and has been in use for decades in the industry. However, gold wiring scores over bronze or copper wiring in that gold does not oxidize, as mentioned above, while the other two do. Regardless, oxidization does not have any impact on the performance of the car radio or the sound quality and clarity. So, apart from the fact that oxidized wires are aesthetically displeasing, bronze and copper wires are a better and more economical choice.

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