Car Remote Alarm

By outfitting your vehicle with a car remote alarm, you are providing a certain measure of security useful for when your car is parked overnight or out in public. Remote car alarms are especially beneficial in that the remote feature instantly notifies you in the event that the car alarm goes off. With this technology, you can even start your car's engine remotely, a feature that will deter even the most brazen of car thieves.

Car Remote Alarm Features

A car alarm with remote capability includes several components to initiate the system. Included in a basic kit are the horn, the on-board alarm module, a remote transmitter and a keychain transponder.

Among the features of a car remote alarm are full monitoring ability from a variable distance away, depending on the system. You will know whether the doors are opened or closed, whether the engine is running, whether the hood or trunk is opened and whether the car has been subjected to a hard impact.

System Operation

The remote transmitter allows you to easily keep track of the state of your vehicle. A bright, easy-to-see LCD screen heightens the monitoring ability. A great theft deterrent, a car remote alarm does not just go off. Instead, it notifies you remotely when it does so you can take immediate action if necessary.