Car Rust Proofing: Important Safety Precautions Car Rust Proofing: Important Safety Precautions

Car rust proofing is more a question of where you keep your car and how you look after it. There are many ways to slow down the appearance of rust on a car but it can never be totally eradicated unless the car is constantly kept inside a garage. Preventing rust can be achieved by various methods.

Cleaning The Car

When you clean your car always wax and polish it afterward. Looking after the body work is vital so, keep an eye out for any chips or scratches that may appear. This is inevitable and will happen from time to time, when small rocks fly onto your vehicle as you drive. Repair any chips straight away with the correct repair methods to stop rust entering the metal.

Painting The Car

When you paint a car always use rust proofing primer and other rust proofing products. Metallic bumpers are prone to oxidation far quicker than the rest of the vehicle, so maintain those regularly to prevent any rust from appearing. Chrome plating can chip off after time, so keep the chrome in good condition. You can have them re-dipped, for a fee, to bring them back to new looking. Use rust proof bumper products to stop them

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