Car Speaker Replacement: How to Repair a Torn Silk Dome Speaker

What You'll Need
New foam or silk
Vinyl record lining paper or brown lunch bag
Bent pin
Mild adhesive e.g. poly vinyl acetate glue
Wood glue
Vacuum cleaner nozzle

Repairing a torn silk dome is an ideal solution for car speaker replacement. Such repairs help to correct poor sound production especially at high volumes. Damaged silk dome speakers distort sound and are a result of torn or worn out components. However, in the end, replacing the car speaker is the only way to truly reclaim the optimal sound quality.

Step 1 – Inspect Extent of Damage

A simple way of repairing a damaged cone is by gently pulling it out using suction. This removes dents or curves from the surface of the cone. A vacuum cleaner attachment can be used; however, take care not to use too much force as it can cause more damage to the cone. To limit the suction, kink the hose or put a clean rag to soften the force reaching the cone.

Step 2 – Repair Small Tears

If it is a small cut, place some adhesive on it. Be very careful when pulling it out, too much force can extend the cut and cause more damage. Place an adequate length of mild adhesive e.g. masking tape or scotch tape. Lay it gently and firmly on the surface of the cone. Do not use a strong adhesive as it can easily tear the speaker or leave residues.

Step 3 – Repair Badly Torn Domes

Gently poke and pull the torn parts of the dome together.  Take a mild adhesive such as milk glue and carefully rub it on a vinyl record lining paper or brown lunch bag. It is advisable to thin the glue with water to a good consistency. Position the paper around the tear; make sure it is completely covered and there are no drips on the cone. Spread the paper completely to avoid creases or folds forming on the surface. Give it time to dry, the glue soaks the paper of the cone and bag as it sets which forms a uniform film.

Step 4 – When to Replace Speaker

Repairing a torn speaker with paper and mild glue easily corrects the problem. When it dries the dome is as steady as the rest of the film and it gives equally good sound.

However, if the extent of the damage on the cone is beyond repair and following the steps mentioned above don’t bring desired change, then speaker can be replaced with a new one.


Poly vinyl acetate glue is water soluble glue and it binds well with paper, it can be used with a wide range of speaker domes repair. For poly cones, consider using rubber cement or silicone glue.

Note that using paper and mild adhesive, however well done, adds weight on the dome which affects high frequency performance especially on small speakers. Glue can be used alone to reduce weight, but it is more prone to failing.