Car Speaker Replacement: How to Replace Car Ceiling Speakers Car Speaker Replacement: How to Replace Car Ceiling Speakers

What You'll Need
Replacement stereos speaker(s)
Needle nosed pliers
Electrical tape or wire caps

If you need to perform a car speaker replacement for a defective unit in your car's ceiling, you'll be pleased to know that it is a easy DIY project that you can do yourself in about half an hour (or less). Even if you just want to replace two or more ceiling speakers with upgraded units, the process is much easier than you may have imagined. To help you get started, here's a simple to follow step by step guide that will show you just what to do.

Step 1 - Determine How Many Speakers You Need to Replace

First, you'll need to determine how many speakers you will want to replace. If you are replacing a defective speaker that was installed by the car manufacturer, you should visit your local car dealership and inquire about the type of speaker that is used. If possible, obtain a part number for the dealership and ask the parts department to order one for you. You should only replace a factory-installed speaker with an identical model as this will provide the type of sound that you're used to in your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are upgrading speakers, you'll want to purchase a set of quality car stereo speakers from a local department store or high-end car audio shop. If you are upgrading the factory installed speakers, be sure to choose a pair of speakers that are the same shape and size as the ones that you will be replacing.

Step 3 - Remove Speaker Cover or Molding

Remove the screws that hold the speaker cover in place. In some vehicles, you may have to remove a piece of molding or plastic from the ceiling of the vehicle. Look for screws on either side of the cabin close to the doors in order to do this.

Step 4 - Remove Old Speaker(s)

The ceiling speakers should be held in with screws. There should be 4 to 6 screws that hold the speaker in place. Remove the screws with a screwdriver. The speaker should simply drop out of the mounting hole. Disconnect the wiring in the back by slipping the terminal off with a pair of needle nose pliers. If the connections are soldered, simply cut the connections close to the wiring terminal.

Step 5 - Wire New Speaker(s)

Wire the new speakers in the same fashion as the old ones. If you had to clip the speaker wire, because the connection was soldered, splice the wires and use electrical tape or wire caps to make the connections. Make sure to wire the speakers correctly by taking note of which wires are used for negative or positive connections. Then, use the old screws to mount the speaker into the ceiling.

Step 6 - Replace Speaker Cover or Molding

Replace the speaker cover or molding to cover the ceiling speaker. Use the old screws to attach the cover or molding.

Step 7 - Test Speaker Installation

Start your car and turn on the stereo. If you have installed the ceiling speakers correctly, you should hear sound coming from all speakers you replaced without distortion or static. If there is distortion, remove the covers and check to make sure that wires are not touching each other and that they are properly shielded.


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