Car Speaker Replacement: How to Replace The Grill Cloth in Your Car

What You'll Need
Speaker cloth
Fabric glue
Utility razor

For most car speaker replacement jobs, replacing only the grill cloth on the speakers is all you need to keep them working at top condition. Grill cloth on a speaker serves two main functions;it creates an attractive appearance all the while keeping an optimum quality of sound. The cloth helps eliminate any static. Unfortunately, over time, the cloth on a speaker's grill will begin to show  deterioration. This is bound to happen to any speakers eventually, as the cloth is very thin and therefore, fragile and susceptible to showing signs of normal wear and tear. It's good to replace it to keep the speakers looking attractive and to preserve the quality of sound as well. This article will show you the simple steps to follow in order to replace the grill cloth.

Step 1 – Remove Old Cloth

Detach the speaker frame from the component. Use the utility razor or knife to remove all of the cloth neatly.

Step 2 – Cut New Cloth

Using the speaker frame as a guide, cut the new grill cloth so that there is (approximately) a 3-inch margin between the cloth and the speaker frame. You want to make sure to have excess fabric around the sides; it's always better to have more that you can cut off later than too little that you can't do anything about after you get started.

Step 2 – Lay The Fabric

Lay the sheet of speaker cloth flat on a clear surface and place the grill frame from the speaker face down on the center of it.

Step 3 – Glue The Cloth

Working quickly, put a line of fabric glue around every side of the speaker grill. Even though you want to work fast before the glue sets, you must remember that precision is key. Make sure the line is even, with no pools of excess glue in the corners.

Step 4 – Stretch The Cloth

Pick a corner to start with and fold the cloth lightly over the frame, pressing the corner into the glue. Do not adhere the entire cloth to the frame just yet – just make sure that the corner is secure.

Step 5 – Repeat

Repeat step 3 on the other corners, starting with the one opposite first. You should begin to notice creases in the center of the fabric – leave this alone for now and continue working.

Step 6 – Smooth Out The Fabric

When you are finished, make sure that you pull the fabric enough to smooth out any creases. Do not pull too tightly, otherwise you run the risk of ripping the cloth.

Step 7 – Let It Dry

Let the glue set. This could take several hours.

Step 8 – Trim Excess Fabric

Use a utility knife or razor to remove the excess fabric along the back of the frame. Lift the unglued portion of the cloth away from the frame and run the knife along the glue line. Leave a little bit of excess fabric – ¾ of an inch is a good amount – just to be safe. You should be able to reattach the frame to the speaker without that amount of fabric getting in the way.