Car Speaker Sizes in Relation to Car Sizes Car Speaker Sizes in Relation to Car Sizes

There are various car speaker sizes that are on the market, and if you are going to upgrade the stereo system in your vehicle, you need to consider the size of your car with the size of the speakers you are going to put in it. However, before going to the store to buy one, you have to consider some things first. The first priority that you should have is if the speakers you are eyeing will fit your car. To give you some idea, you may need to check your manual first. Some car manuals list the appropriate speaker size for the model. You may also find a list of replacements that are right for your vehicle. If these are not in your manual, your next best option is to measure your care speakers.

Measuring Your Speakers

Car speakers are usually found in the doors and behind your backseat, on the flat section that is below the rear windshield. To measure the back speakers, you need to access them from the trunk of your car. Usually the speakers that are installed there measures 6 by 9 inches, but they could be in a different dimensions. Check to make sure. You will need to have a tape measure and a screwdriver to it.

Once you have located the speaker, take out the front cover and measure the diameter of the speaker itself. This should turn out a certain measurement. Typically, you might get a 5 inch speaker on each door and a pair of 5 x 9 inch speakers on the rear. If you are still unsure about the whole thing, you can ask the sales representative at the store. They are usually eager to help customers in this aspect.

Customizing your Car Speakers

Having the standard speaker size on your car does not mean that you should stick to it. In fact, there are professional car installers that can create and customize bigger holes on the doors and rear of your care to accommodate larger speaker sizes. There has to be a certain air space in between the car body and the speakers to have the best sound. Professional installers can also help you in this aspect as well.

Considering Sub Woofers

A car stereo system will not be complete without sub woofers. This is where the base of the song you are playing is coming from. Most car owners put their sub woofers in a speaker box, which is installed at the trunk of their cars. You need to consider a couple of things here. One is the amount of room that is actually available in the trunk of your car, and the other is the size of the speaker that you'd like to install. Bear in mind that there are speaker sizes that need a certain amount of space in order to sound their best.

If you want to base your decision on the trunk space available, you will have a maximum box size, which, in turn, will limit your choice to a certain speaker size. Professional installers can help you in deciding how big your box should be and the size of speaker that is appropriate for it.

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