Car Swamp Cooler vs Car Air Conditioner

In most tropical countries, the weather is always very hot and humid so when travelling around, a car air conditioner or a car swamp cooler is definitely necessary. Swamp coolers are the early edition air conditioners wherein a window-mounted canister-like apparatus cools the air entering it and dissipates it into the cabin.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, the car swamp cooler will be at an advantage because it does not require any form of energy from the car’s battery in order to operate. It just needs the air to be forced through it when the car is moving.


When it comes to cooling consistency, an air conditioning system is able to sustain the cooling process. This is because it does not need the car to be moving in order to cool the air inside the cabin.

Temperature Control

Modern air conditioners can also control the temperature inside the car’s cabin. On the other hand, the car swamp cooler can only produce a fixed temperature.


When it comes to consumption, the modern air conditioner consumes electricity or battery in order to operate, while a car swamp cooler uses a lot of water (3 to 15 gallons per day approximately, depending on how much the car is used).