Car Window Replacement: How to Fix a Chipped Window

What You'll Need
Window Chip Repair Kit
Utility Knife

Having a chipped window on your vehicle may not have to result in a complete car window replacement. If you can identify the chip early, before it begins to spread, you may be able to repair it with a window chip repair kit. These can be found at most auto supply stores and come with easy to use instructions for filling the crack and completing the repair. The process for repairing or fixing a chipped involves cleaning the area, applying a sealant and letting it set up and dry. This how-to article will describe the tools, materials and steps necessary to repair your cracked car window.

Step 1: Purchase a Car Window Repair Kit

The first step in repairing a chipped car window is to purchase a car window repair kit. As mentioned above, these kits can be purchased at any auto parts store or at a car dealership. The process for repairing your window involves the materials that are contained in the kit, which includes an epoxy sealant, vacuum plunger, pin and seals to confine your repair to the area of the car window where the chip occurred.

Step 2: Clean out the Chipped Area

Take the small pin that has a small, pointed sharp edge out of the kit. The pin is necessary to clean out any glass chips and debris that is inside the chip area. If the area is not properly cleaned prior to the application of the epoxy seal, the repair will not be a successful one.

Once you have completely cleaned the chip out, place an adhesive seal around the chip to mount the pedestal and attach the plunger filled with the epoxy sealant. 

Step 3: Apply Epoxy Sealant

Mount the plunger to the pedestal that you attached to the adhesive seal in Step 2. Fill the plunger with the sealant prior to mounting it. Depress the plunder to release the epoxy over the chip area. Pull the plunger back to the vacuum area and lock into place for 5 minutes. 

Step 4: Allow to Dry 

The vacuum seal that you created should allow the epoxy to spread over the crack and create a bond necessary to seal the area and repair the crack. You may need to repeat the plunging process several times, depending on the size of the crack, to completely seal the area. Let the plunger stand in place after the last application of the epoxy for about 3 to 4 hours.

Remove the plunger and pedestal from the window. Use a utility knife to carefully remove the adhesive base away from the window. Using a soft rag, clean away any remaining residue on the window and complete the repair of the crack. Repeat these steps for each crack that you have developed on your car window.