Cardboard Chairs

Just as the name implies, these types of chairs are made out of cardboard. They are more specifically made of layers of corrugated cardboard which is then reinforced by laminate. Cardboard chairs came on the scene around the early 1970’s and were the imagination of Frank Gehry.

Can you use Cardboard Chairs?

Yes! Cardboard chairs are actually very useable. They are sold to be used in living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, patios, dining rooms and more. They are used just like any other chair that you would buy at the store.

The cardboard chair offers a very unique feel about the furniture and provides for a good focal piece, especially handy when entertaining. They were also designed with the idea of affordability in mind. Cardboard is a very inexpensive medium to use when speaking of furniture.

The design of the cardboard chairs is usually that of something contemporary. This design would go great in a room dedicated to modern art or such. The impact a furniture piece can have on a room is amazing.