Caring for Cedar Hedges Caring for Cedar Hedges

Cedar hedges make an attractive border shrub for any yard or garden. The hedges prefer a sunny location and look beautiful so long as they are regularly pruned each growing season. Cedar hedges can be shaped to form a wall when planted in close rows, or pruned to round or pyramidal shapes when planted by themselves.

Planting Cedar Hedges

Plant each hedge at least 18 to 20 inches apart in well-drained soil enriched with compost and fertilizer. Dig the hole for each hedge shrub deep enough to cover the roots. Pack the soil tightly around the base of each shrub after placing it in the ground. Add some mulch around the base of each shrub to help enrich the soil slowly over time.

Watering Cedar Hedges

It is important to keep the hedges well watered during the first several weeks after planting them. The mulch will help the soil retain moisture. Water the shrubs once or twice a week during droughts. The shrubs can continue to be watered through the late fall season to help winterize the shrubs.

Pruning Cedar Hedges

Cedar hedges are pruned during the early spring. Any dead branches can be removed from the base of the shrub. Use a hedge trimmer to shape the shrubs more evenly. If they are formed as a border, use the smallest shrub to determine the size of the rest of the cedar hedges. Shrubs that are taller than 3 feet can be pruned down to a more manageable size.


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