Caring for Cork Flooring Planks Caring for Cork Flooring Planks

Cork flooring planks are the flooring of choice for many households, with its durability and easy installation. However, in order to keep it looking fresh, using the right caring techniques will help keep them looking as good as new.

Keep Clean                               

A daily sweep or vacuuming will help remove any dirt that can collect on a daily basis. Because of its softness, walking on cork can result in tiny bits of dirt being embedded into the surface of the floor, which can damage the finish. A slightly damp mop can also be used to remove any dirt and stains from your floor. If using a cleaner, it must be applied to the mop and not the floor itself, but remember to use the cleaner sparingly.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Cork can fade over time, so use blinds or curtains to reduce the amount of time the cork is in direct sunlight.

Protect Areas

If your cork flooring is in a busy area, such as by countertops or in hallways, try placing rugs or mats on the surface to reduce wear and tear. Also, use floor protectors underneath furniture legs to prevent any dents.

Act Quick with Spills

Cork soaks up liquid very quickly, which can lead to staining, swelling and water damage. If spills happen, clean them up as soon as they are made using a dry, clean cloth.

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