Caring for Floating Floors on Stairs

Floating floors on stairs spunk up the look of the stairs and also add a unique touch to your home décor. These are gaining popularity over hardwood floors because of their easy installation techniques, and mostly due to the fact that they are easy to care for. Floating floors can be kept clean and cared for without having to incur much trouble.

Tip 1 - Sweeping Floor

You cannot sweep a floating floor on the stairs as you would in case you had a normal floor installed. Make sure that when you wet the cloth with water, it is not applied on the floor when dripping wet. Drain off the water as much as you can after dipping the cloth and then use it on the floor. Excess water spoils the flooring. Do not add just any other detergent to the water. Add only a few drops of a cleaning agent recommended for use on laminated flooring. Check that no harsh acids are present in the cleaner. Do not scrub the floor hard. Sweep only very gently.

Tip 2 - Stain Removal

In case there are any stains on the floor from any liquid or oil, take a dry rag and wipe it gently. After the liquid is gone, take some mild liquid cleaner and apply on the stained area. Rinse it off with a clean cloth that is soaked in little water. Stubborn stains like that of nail paint or creamy food can be cleaned by applying little alcoholic cleanser on that point of the floating floor and immediately rinsing off with a fresh piece of water soaked cloth. Never allow the cleaner to stay for long on the floor surface. In case some solid substance has hardened up in any place on the floor, scrap it off gently. On that area, spray some floor cleaner and wipe off.

Tip 3 - Restoring Floor Glossiness

If the floating floor appears to have lost its initial glossy look, mildly mop the surface with water. Never apply wood stain or polishing paints on it, as you would do for normal hardwood surfaces.

Tip 4 - Decoration Restrictions

Do not place any heavy decorative stands on the stair rest if there is floating flooring inserted on it. Even if you place such things, make sure you lay a rug and then place the stand or other decorative items. This prevents scratches from getting formed on the floor.

Tip 5 - Removing Dust

Make sure that the stair flooring is spared from being treaded on in dirty shoes. Never allow water to settle in the places with such flooring. It leads to fading off, of the lamination. Regularly sweep the stairs with a broom so that dust and debris do not get a chance to settle on the floating floor stairs.

Tip 6 - Vacuuming

If you decide on using the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust off your floating floor stairs, make sure that you use the special wand attachment from among the brushes available in the cleaner brush kit. This prevents the laminate on the flooring from getting damaged.