Caring For Koi: Pond Cleaning Instructions Caring For Koi: Pond Cleaning Instructions

Koi pond cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, but it does require some time and a few necessary steps.  

You will need:

Algae scrubber
Fish Tank
Hot Water
Fish Net

Step One – Removing the Fish
Using a bucket, remove a portion of the fish-pond water and put it into the fish tank.  Individually remove the Koi from the pond and put them into the fish tank. Reserve a bucket of the pond water for later use.

Step Two – Draining the Tank
Using your draining system, remove all the water from the tank. If you have no draining system, remove the water with the bucket while still reserving one bucket for later use.

Step Three – Cleaning the Tank
Using clean, hot water, wash off all elements of the pond including rocks, plant bases, and equipment. Make sure to clean the filter thoroughly! If you encounter stubborn algae, use the algae scrub.

Step Four – Rinsing the Tank
Fill up the tank with clean water and drain. Do this two or three times to remove all the excess debris from the pond. Check to make sure you have sufficiently cleaned out any electronic apparatus by running clean water through it.

Step Five – Filling Tank
Finally, fill tank with clean water and add any biological safety formula you deem necessary. Add the bucket of original water to the pond to ensure bacterial growth. If you are concerned that harmful bacteria are present, simple throw the bucket away. Reintroduce plants, making sure all dead leaves are pruned.

Step Six – Add the Fish
When you are satisfied with the pond, replace the fish using the net.


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