Caring For Pachysandra

Pachysandra is an evergreen species that is used for ground cover in shady parts of landscaping. It is a slow grower, but it is relatively easy to grow. Pachysandra ground cover is going to do the best in hardiness zones 5-8. This is a low lying plant that only grows to be about 10 inches tall, however, it will spread out and fill in a planting bed in time.


Planting Pachysandra

Pachysandra needs to be planted in either full or partial shade. This plant does not handle direct sun well and it will die if it gets too much sun. When selecting a place for your pachysandra ground cover you will want to look for a planting area that is well drained and that can be watered frequently.

When you plant your pachysandra ground cover you will want to space smaller clumps about 6 inches apart and larger clumps about 12 inches apart. This will give your shrubs plenty of space to spread out. As your ground cover matures you can thin out the clumps and transplant them to fill in gaps. You also have the option of taking a stem cutting and rooting it in your planting bed to propagate the pachysandra and to encourage new growth.