Caring for Pine Flooring

Pine flooring is actually one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain. Although some people may say that wood is harder to maintain, that is in fact far from the truth. As long as the homeowner takes good care of the floor, maintenance is quite easy.

Staining and Sealing

The first step to ensure that the floor is protected from damaged caused by traffic and accidental spills is to stain and seal it. Staining is usually done to enhance the color of the wood and make it ready for sealing. Sealing makes it impervious to water and stains caused by spilt liquids. Before it can be stained and sealed, it has to be cleaned and sanded carefully. Use polyurethane sealer because it provides the best results for pinewood.

The sealer may need to be re-applied after a few years. This will depend on the amount of traffic the floor gets and the climate in the specific location where the house is situated. As soon as the sealer starts to look dull, it may require reapplication.

Protect the Floor from Scratches

All furniture should have floor protectors such as mats, wooden planks, or wheels. When moving furniture or other heavy objects across the room, do not slide them over the pine flooring. Carry them or at least place a rag or cloth underneath them before doing so.

Place rags on some areas of the floor, especially in areas of high traffic. Place entry mats just outside the door and inside the home as well. Anyone who enters can clean off the dirt and grime from their feet, and wipe off excess moisture before walking in. This ensures protection from moisture as well.

Clean Spills Immediately

Although the sealer acts as the first line of defense against spilt liquids, some liquids with acidic properties may eat away the sealer and seep into the pine planks causing them to crack. Always mop the liquids immediately after any incident of spills. Instruct other occupants of the house to do so as well. Train the children to do the same too as they may usually cause such incidents to occur.

Clean Regularly

Sweep the floor or use a vacuum cleaner regularly – daily or biweekly. The dirt should not set into the gaps in between the planks. Once the dirt sets and gets wet, it expands and cause damage to the wood. Therefore, set aside some time for cleaning. Use a wood floor cleaner to ensure best results. Do not use water. Wax can be used to make the floor glossy, but it has to be reapplied once a week or once in two weeks.

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight

Pinewood can fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it is advisable to close the curtains or the shutters and rollers during peak hours of the day. If possible, install window awnings to prevent the floor from getting direct contact with sunlight. The sunlight may also dry the wood too much and cause it to shrink and crack.