Caring for Your Avocado Tree

There are several things to take into consideration when trying to best care for your avocado tree: placement, watering, and fertilizing.



In windy areas, especially near beaches where winds will carry salt, you should plant your avocado tree near a wind break such as a house. Sandy loam is an ideal soil to plant them in, but any soil that provides lots of drainage is fine.



In addition to drainage, avocado trees require a great deal of water. Since insufficient water and waterlogged roots are both unhealthy for your tree, it is important to wait for the soil to dry out before watering your tree a second time. This can take anywhere from one to several days. Avocado trees have shallow, competitive roots and provide a great deal of shade once they are mature, so you cannot garden beneath them.



Fertilizing your avocado tree is a good idea, but it must be done properly or you may harm your tree. Use small, diluted quantities of citrus or nitrogen fertilizer, placed away from the trunk, and allow them to enter the soil naturally as you water your tree. You should not fertilize an avocado tree that is under a year old, and even with a more mature tree it is important not to over fertilize, because this can lead to health problems or even kill your tree.