Caring for Your Dormant Plumeria

Plumeria is a tropical plant with waxy leaves and fragrant blossoms known as frangipani. These plants can be grown outdoors in regions with mild winters. If winters are sub-freezing where you live, you can still grow them indoors in a container.

When you grow your plumeria in a container you can keep in a sheltered garage or shed, but if the temperatures reach below the comfort level of about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, they will stop blooming. If these plants get exposed to frost, the stems will essentially turn to mush and the plant will die.

When your plumeria starts to go dormant, as it should in the fall, you should cover it and lay mulch around its base. This will help to keep the roots warm. Also, cover the plumeria well with a tarp or bag. This will help protect your plant from frost. Remember to do this every year, even if you don’t have extremely frigid weather in your hometown as some places experience frost even if there isn’t any snow or frozen precipitation.

If you provide the correct plumeria care, you can enjoy its fragrant blooms for many seasons.