Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo House Plant

Lucky bamboo plants have a reputation for requiring minimal care, but there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure the health of your plant.


Water and Bamboo

Your lucky bamboo plant can be grown either in soil, or in water. If you grow it in soil, water it often enough to keep the soil moist, but not so often that it becomes waterlogged. If you decide to grow it in water instead, use rocks to keep it upright and stable, and keep the water level at about two inches. Either way, you should be using distilled water, as tap water can chemicals that are harmful to your plant. If you cannot use distilled water, use tap water that has been allowed to sit out for one day. Rainwater is also an acceptable alternative.


You can fertilize your plant, but use a light fertilizer. Even then, do not fertilize more than once every few months. Keep in mind that under-fertilizing is much more healthy than over-fertilizing, so be careful. If your plant shows signs of being sick after fertilizing, change its water frequently to dilute and wash away the fertilizer.


Be sure to keep your lucky bamboo plant at room temperature and give it plenty of indirect sunlight.