Caring for Your Spireas over Winter

light pink spirea flower

Flowering shrubs like spireas are perfect for creating mixed border patterns or compact hedges in your garden. Spirea is considered one of the easiest-to-grow shrubs with dense, weather-resistant foliage patterns and colorful seasonal blooms.

The shade of spirea flowers ranges from pink to bright, white hues. Spireas are hardy plants that need minimal care but a few precautions should be taken during the winter season. Winter care is recommended because spireas are essentially summer-blooming shrubs that have adapted to colder conditions.

Winter Watering Care

Spireas need minimal water and don’t require periodic watering like common garden plants. However, during the late fall season or just as the winters are about to set in, ensure that you water the spirea soil bed intensively.

This is suggested because during winters, the groundwater freezes. Therefore, heavy doses of watering before the winters ensure that the moisture of the soil bed is preserved.

Using winter mulch is recommended as it helps to keep the shrub moisturized and prevents the lower stem from being weakened due to freezing and thawing.

Winter Pruning Care

Most spirea varieties react well to being pruned during the late winter season. The removal of weathered flowers, i.e. deadheading, during winters ensures new growth during the spring season. This also encourages repeated blooming in the spirea shrub.

Winter Rooting Care

Some spireas tend to develop young roots that emerge out of the soil bed. During the winters, roots growing over the ground are easily destroyed due to freezing temperatures. You should dig under the roots and push them back into the soil.