Annual Vehicle Inspection - Introduction Annual Vehicle Inspection - Introduction

Do As I Say Not As I Do

It was a classic case of role reversal: Dr. Perkins had driven into Andy's Repair Shop for advice on a "check engine" light and noisy brakes. After discovering brake rotors worn beyond repair and a leaking radiator hose, Andy told his customer (and family physician) she was just plain lucky. "You could have had an accident or damaged your engine, Doc! Why didn't you bring the car in for a checkup when we sent you a reminder card?"

"Maybe for the same reason you waited so long to come into our clinic for your physical last winter. You thought you were too busy. If I had seen you in time, we could have prevented that surgery." 

Preventive car care, like preventive health care, can save time, money and lives. This article serves as a reminder that a small investment in time and money with a periodic inspection can pay big dividends. 

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Four out of five cars need maintenance. Is yours one of them?

Courtesy of the Car Care Council

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