Carpenter's Glue

Carpenter's glue is glue that adheres an object to wood or wood together with other wood.

How Does Carpenter's Glue Adhere?

Carpenter's glue, or wood glue, adheres objects to wood by penetrating the wood and bonding the items. This is a very strong hold and bond that the glue possesses. Being that it is a water based resin, it is often times used in crafts. Some crafters include it as one of their craft glues.

For the most part, it is used to glue wood together. This can be especially handy for lightweight woodwork jobs. Often times it is used to fix smaller structures such as tables, chairs and ottomans.
It is often more cost effective to use wood glue to bond wood together than use other means such as sanding, gluing and staining. In general, the latter is a process and wood glue is much faster. Wood glue will dry much quicker and usually only takes a couple of hours to completely dry and bond glue. Carpenter’s glue is especially handy for people who do not have the time to wait.