Carpet Cleaning Machines Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpet cleaning machines for do-it-yourselfers are designed to help individuals remove stains and dirt from and restore the appearance of their rugs. These machines range in style and purpose with some more suited for certain jobs than others.

Styles of carpet cleaning machines

Carpet cleaning machines come in many different types. They include:

  • Upright extractors – These are by far the most common carpet cleaning machines for home use. The involve the use of a clean water reservoir and a gray water reservoir. Clean water and soap are sprayed onto a carpet and then extracted back into the machine.
  • Steam machines – Carpet cleaning machines that profess to be steam models for home use generally do not operate at quite the right temperature to produce steam. Instead, they rely on the use of hot water to help loosen and lift dirt and debris.
  • Hand-held devices – This type of carpet cleaning machine is a portable version of a larger model.

The function of home carpet cleaning machines

Home use carpet cleaning machines might not always give professional results, but they can greatly improve appearance of carpeting. They are most commonly used for:

  • Routine cleaning – Carpet cleaning machines that are upright or canister in nature are generally designed to clean large surface areas.
  • Spot cleaning – Handheld and even full-sized carpet cleaning machines can be very useful for removing stains before they set in.

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