Carpet Floor Care and Maintenance Carpet Floor Care and Maintenance

Some of the cosiest and warmest atmospheres in rooms are created when carpet floors are present. Unlike normal ceramic or tile floors, however, carpet floors require more care and attention to be maintained and cleaned adequately. This will help to keep the carpeting in good condition and ultimately prolong its life.

Get acquainted with the type of material

Make sure that you know the particular material the carpet is made from so as to be as knowledgeable as possible as to the type of cleaning methods and products you can use on it. You should be aware of what to do and what to use according to the type of stains that might appear on your carpet. For example, in the case of liquid stains - try to blot-dry the liquid with a napkin or towel, whereas in the case of food crumbs try to scoop up or scrape the residuals.

Test on a small area

When a stain appears on your carpet make sure to clean it up immediately. The longer the stain stays on the carpet the more difficult it will be to remove it. Try any product or method on a small part of the carpet, ideally in a corner area, or where some furniture lies so that it may be hidden in case the problem persists. This will prevent you from ruining a large part of the carpet.

Try to prevent dirt

It always pays to be preventive. Try to lessen the number of shoes going onto the carpet floor, especially if such shoes had trodden outside the house. You can consider having mats near the door to encourage wiping feet before treading onto the carpet. Also, try to prevent food or drinks from being consumed in the room where there is a carpeted floor.

Vacuum regularly

One of the best ways to take care of carpeted floors is to make a habit of vacuuming them regularly with a vacuum cleaner that is of a good quality and does not end up streaking or lining the carpet. Change the vacuum bag regularly.

Avoid direct sunlight

To retain the colour of your carpet, avoid direct sunlight by closing blinds and curtains.

Apply furniture coasters

A good idea is to attach furniture coasters where possible to reduce markings on the carpet. Also, if furniture needs to be moved, try not to scrape along the carpet as you might end up with a fuzzy and unattractive carpet.

Hire professional carpet cleaners

Even though you take care to clean your carpet regularly you might consider calling up professional cleaners from time to time to clean up your carpet in more extensive methods. This will help you retain your carpet in a better condition for a longer time, while also giving you the opportunity to keep up to date with any recommended new cleaning products that professionals may suggest when they visit.

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