Carpet or Tile - What's Best For Each Room? Carpet or Tile - What's Best For Each Room?

When considering flooring for various rooms in one’s home, you will ask yourself should I install carpet or tile?

Mixing and Matching
Mixing flooring types in a home is absolutely acceptable. Using different tiling in various rooms can give each room a personality of it’s own, the same is true with carpeting. Using carpeting in the bedrooms is a great opportunity to change the flooring in different rooms. As bedrooms have doors this allows the carpet to vary depending on the room.

Mixing in tile into your home is just as easy as mixing in carpet. Changing the size and color of tiles even in a common area is simple and gives an interesting look to the room. As with carpet, using a door as a transition point is an easy way to change the tile style, direction or color.

Still uncertain? Take into account what themes and colors you want in various rooms. This will help determine whether carpet or tile will be the best option.

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