Carpet Pad Basics: Materials and Thickness Carpet Pad Basics: Materials and Thickness

When completing your home flooring, knowing the basics of carpet pads can greatly enhance the carpeting experience in your home. The carpet pad will prevent wear and tear on the actual carpet and provide a plush experience.

The main thought to be considered when purchasing carpet padding is that the thicker the pad, the longer the carpet will last.

Types of Padding
There a few different types of padding, the most common being foam padding, rebond pad, hair pad or fiber pad, and finally a rubber pad.

The most common of these is a rebond pad and can be found in almost any thickness and density. It is the most economical choice and can be found almost anywhere. For your common commercial or Berber carpets, one might use a hair pad or a fiber pad. These are denser, and less spongy than the rebond pad. They wear well in heavy traffic and prevent stretching and wrinkles in the carpet. This would also be a good choice for someone wanting to put in a carpet to finish a basement.

Rubber pads are least common and not recommended for residential homes.

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