Carpet Padding for Carpet Tiles?

It might get left unnoticed but carpet padding makes all the difference in carpet tiles. Carpets have been one of the most popular flooring choices of a lot of individuals. True enough, these materials provide comfort and beauty on their own. But, one thing that one must consider in having them is carpet padding.

A Look at Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is actually a thick sheet underneath any kind of carpet. They may come in a contrasting color than your carpet or not. Aside from its purpose to hold down the carpet’s threads, carpet padding plays a big role in the life of your carpet.

Notice that carpet tiles or full carpets without high-quality carpet padding tend to not last as long as the ones that have them. This is because carpet padding acts as form of shock absorber for your carpet. Its like a foam that supports your carpet whenever there is heavy pressure on it.

Sizing Carpet Padding

If your carpet does not have high-quality padding, consider getting a separate one for it. These products are readily available in carpet stores and other home furnishing depots. Get a carpet padding that is the same size of your carpet. Also consider having it temporarily sewn into your carpet for easy installation and maintenance.