Carpet Tile Installation Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Carpet tile installation is a project that many do-it-yourselfers are qualified to complete. Carpet tile is a type of flooring that can provide you with several benefits and is fairly easy to install. Here are a few carpet tile installation tips and mistakes for you to avoid.


One of the first things to keep in mind about carpet tile is that you need to acclimate it to the environment that you plan on installing in. Carpet tiles can expand and contract depending on the temperature of the room. Therefore, you need to put the carpet tiles in the room in which they will be installed for approximately 24 hours before starting the installation process. Otherwise, you might run into problems with the carpet tiles expanding after they are already installed.

Preparing the Floor

One of the most important parts of the carpet tile installation process is properly preparing the floor. If you do not prepare the floor correctly, it can affect the integrity of the flooring installation. If you have imperfections in the floor, you may need to use self-leveling compound to level them out.

Installing over Existing Flooring

Many people like to install carpet tile over their existing flooring. As long as you have a hard surface floor already, this should not be a problem. For example, if you have laminate, hardwood, tile, or even vinyl, you should be able to install carpet tiles right over the top. However, if you have carpet or carpet tiles installed, you should not try to install carpet tile over the top. The carpet is soft enough that it will allow the carpet tiles to move when walked on. This will not provide you with a very solid floor to walk on and the carpet tiles will come up off of the floor. If you have carpet on the floor, you should definitely take it up before installation.

Keep the Pattern Straight

One of the great things about carpet tile is that you can install it in a variety of different patterns. Many people like to install carpet tile with a quarter turn pattern. You can also install it running all the same direction if you would like. The important thing to remember is that you need to keep the pattern consistent throughout. The bottom of the carpet tile will have an arrow on it to help you determine the direction of the knap. Remember to pay attention to the arrow when you are installing as it will allow you to make sure all of the carpet is running the direction that it should be.

Roll the Tiles

If you are gluing the carpet tile to the floor, you will need to make sure that you use a roller on top of the carpet when you are done. If you can use a 100 pound flooring roller, this will be ideal. By doing this, you will make sure that the carpet tile is pressed firmly into the adhesive and you will remove any air that is trapped underneath.