Planning Your Carpet - Maintenance Planning Your Carpet - Maintenance

In order to cut down on carpet maintenance, you'll want to choose a carpet that is:

Easy to clean

Fibers: The newest stain-repellant nylon carpet fibers are a boon. You can even get off red wine without a trace 24 hours after the spill!

Colors: Dulled colors can help you hide dirt. You might select a carpet by the entrance that is the same as the color of the earth outdoors. You might conceal your dog's hair by choosing a carpet in a color close to his coat.

Patterns: Patterns can conceal dirt and spills. For a rug under the dining table, pattern is better than plain. Even tweeds and heathery mixtures camouflage soil.

Waterproof - Moisture Resistant

Fibers: If you want a soft rug or carpet for the floor, choose one made of man-made fiber. Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene olefin (used in indoor/outdoor carpet) are nonabsorbent and resist moisture and mildew. Avoid wool; it absorbs moisture.


Soft-surfaced floors can cushion falls.

Surface Texture: Uncut pile (the kind that forms loops) wears far longer than cut-pile carpeting - especially when short and closely packed. Children can run their trucks over tight low-level loop pile. High shaggy pile is warm and friendly.

Density: Tight construction of carpet is essential for good wear, so choose one with dense pile for heavy-traffic areas, such as halls, stairs, and children's bedrooms.

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