Planning Your Carpet - Mood Planning Your Carpet - Mood

Calm - Peaceful

Colors: To create calm, avoid strong contrasts. You might choose a one-color scheme, and just do variations of light and dark. If you do, it's wise to put the darkest color on the floor. It follows gravity.

  • The cool colors, blues and greens, are calming.
  • Grayer, darker colors are calming too. When we feel a sense of serenity at dusk, it is because everything is washed in gray light. A touch of gray can calm down almost any color.


Plain: Pattern is lively; avoid it. You could get away with a subtle pattern, however, say one with closely blended colors or maybe a textured effect.

Textures: Soft, smooth textures suggest serenity. A carpet-covered floor is not only soft to the touch, it absorbs sound.

Stimulating - Dramatic - Lively

Colors: Bright warm colors like red, orange and yellow energize like sunshine. Strongly contrasting colors are dramatic. Opposite colors like red and green, blue and orange, or purple and yellow are so different they make each other more intense.

Pattern: Bold pattern is exciting. Patterns that have strong contrasts within the design are attention-getters. The more pattern, the more lively the room.

Textures: Hard and uneven textures are lively. Multilevel or carved carpets have uneven surfaces. Because they absorb light unevenly, they have variations of light and shadow. This variety attracts interest and causes the room to be more stimulating.


Colors: Colors may be medium-value (neither extremely light nor dark). Colors may contrast a medium amount. You might choose brighter cool colors, or duller warm colors.

Patterns: Simple linear patterns are your best bet. The pattern should contain a medium amount of contrast. A simple rule of thumb - if the room seems too dull or drab, add pattern; if too stimulating, remove pattern.

Textures: Textures may be smooth or gently uneven.


Colors: Light warm colors are particularly cheerful. Yellow is as cheerful as sunshine. It adds brightness to a room without appearing to shrink its size.

Patterns: A particularly pleasing pattern can do a lot to brighten your mood.


Colors: You might want to choose a scheme of warm colors. Dim light combined with warm colors flatters the complexion and creates a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Textures: Thick, shaggy, soft, pleasant to the touch. This is the most important factor. Thick, soft textures not only appeal to the senses, they create a feeling of warmth, and because they absorb sound, they create a feeling of privacy. For the floor, you might want a deep pile carpet or fur rugs.

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