Carport Series Lean-To Greenhouses Carport Series Lean-To Greenhouses

Our Juliana Carport Lean-To Greenhouses are designed to mount to an existing exterior wall, garage, or shed. They use the same frames and construction as the Juliana Basic Greenhouse, except do not come with gutters and drains. They should be mounted on top of the optional galvanized steel base or on 4" by 6" pressure treated lumber.

Features include:

  • Unbreakable 5/32 inch thick twin-wall polycarbonate panels are easily installed without clips or silicone. They slide into the aluminum framing for extra structural support and durability
  • A single sliding side door and 2 roof vent windows allow for ventilation
  • Full illustrated instructions with every kit
  • Toll-Free telephone support line plus a moderated Forum for installation problems
  • 4-foot front height
  • 7-foot, 2-inch back height
  • 9-foot, 9-inch width

Carport Lean-To 4'7"D x 9'9"L
Carport Lean-To Steel Base

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