Carport Cover Construction Carport Cover Construction

In addition to buying and building a carport, you also need to consider the process of carport cover construction. A confusing task for many consumers is choosing which expensive carport is best for their car or truck. Despite the plethora of choices available, there are three primary categories that car ports can be separated into.

Types of Carports

  • Custom made carports made out of wood
  • Custom made carports made out of brick or other stone work and
  • Galvanized steel carports which are premade, requiring only assembly

Each of these types of carports has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Galvanized steel prefabricated carports are protected from corrosion which prevents rust from occurring.

Custom timber carports can look really fantastic, but they require a decent amount of construction skill in order to complete them to code. Finally you have custom brick or custom stone carports which use piers made from bricks or stones, and require significantly more know how in order for them to be completed properly.

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