Carriage Style Garage Doors vs Up and Over Garage Doors Carriage Style Garage Doors vs Up and Over Garage Doors

Two of the most popular types of garage doors are up and over and carriage style garage doors. Both of these styles provide you with some benefits and a few potential drawbacks. Here are a few things to consider about carriage style and up and over garage doors.

Carriage Style vs Up and Over

The biggest difference between these two types of doors is in how they open. With carriage style doors, the doors open outward on a hinge. You will typically have two doors that come together in the center of the garage. These doors will swing out on a hinge that is located on the side of the garage. 

With up and over garage doors, the door is actually pulled up and it goes overhead inside the garage. This is the style of most garage doors in the market today.


Many people end up getting up and over garage doors because of their convenience. This type of garage door generally has an electric garage door opener that will open the garage door for you. With carriage doors, some of them have openers, but many do not. You also have to be concerned with parking too close to the door as it could swing out and hit your car. 

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