Your Car's Drive Train - Introduction Your Car's Drive Train - Introduction

Drive train: all power- transmitting components between the engine and the wheels, including the clutch, torque converter, transmission, transaxle, u-joints, c.v. Joints, drive shaft, differential and axles. 

Most of us don't think much about our vehicle's drive train until something goes wrong: strange noises, leaks or shifting problems. That's when we begin worrying about a big repair job.

The more you know about your car and the shop that repairs it, the less reason you'll have for concern. With regular checking and maintenance you can expect fewer and smaller repair bills. Note: in most cases a maximum cost can be given by the repair shop. Always request it.

Is your car front wheel drive or rear? Front wheel drive Incorporates engine, transmission and driving axle in one Compact unit. 

Rear drive delivers front engine power to the rear wheels through a transmission and drive shaft. 

Courtesy of the Car Care Council

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