Casement Vs. Glass Block: Basement Window Security Casement Vs. Glass Block: Basement Window Security

Choosing casement windows or glass block basement windows requires careful consideration for the security of your home and your loved ones. Casement windows are hinge-mounted and can be opened similarly to a door. While casement windows allow ample light to come in through their clear panes, they are notoriously poor when it comes to providing security for your basement. Glass blocks basement windows, on the other hand, are fire-resistant and are difficult to break even with a sledge hammer. Therefore they provide adequate security for your basement.  

Security Comparison

Casement windows without cross-bracing can easily be broken with adequate force. This is especially true with casement windows that have a single pane. For security glass block basement windows are better. Glass black windows are made of durable glass composites that can resist great amounts of pressure, so they make an effective deterrent against unauthorized entry into your basement.

The Verdict

When it comes to your basement security, choose glass block windows instead of casement windows. Glass block basement windows not only discourage burglars from entering your house but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your basement. Glass block windows are also famous for their good insulation capabilities.

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