Casement Windows vs Slider Windows

Both casement windows and slider windows present homeowners with some unique benefits. Depending on the setting in which they are used, both windows could be an option. Some people just prefer one over the other so therefore, they do not take much time to consider the differences between them. However, for someone that knows little about windows, you might not stop to think about how their features could affect you. In order to choose the right windows for your house, you should take some time and consider what they can do for you. Here are a few things that you will want to consider about casement and slider windows.


Many people wonder whether or not their windows are safe. Depending on who you ask, you can get some varying answers as to which type of window is safer. Some people will tell you that it is easy to lift up on the movable part of a slider window and pry open the window. However, you can do this as well with a casement window if it is not latched. The truth is, neither window is vastly superior to the other when it comes to safety. If someone wants in your house, they can always just break the glass and get in. Therefore, safety concerns will not differentiate one window over the other in this case.

Energy Efficiency

One aspect that you should strongly consider is the energy efficiency of the windows. When you can increase your home's energy efficiency, you can effectively lower your utility bills and potentially save a lot of money. It will be easier to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

When you look at a slider window, you can see that the seal around the window has to be a little flexible in order for the window to slide through it. Every time you open or close the window, the seal is moved a bit. This is not really the case with a casement window. Therefore, when you compare the two, casement windows are going to be the more energy efficient choice.


The ventilation that the window offers should be another consideration. When the weather is nice, you may want to open your windows and let the air in. With a casement window, you can open the entire window. The whole window frame is free to open to the air. With a sliding window, half of the window is permanently stationary. This means that you can only open half of the window. While you might not think that it makes much of a difference, when you want the house ventilated properly, it can make a big difference.


In the majority of cases, slider windows are going to be the cheaper of the two options. If you are going to go with a slider, make sure that you get a quality model. Casement windows are going to be a little more expensive, but they do give you some more benefits with which to work.