Cashmere Fabric Uses Other than for Clothes

Cashmere fabric is an expensive material used for clothing and accessories such as scarves and gloves, made from a fine goat hair. This material is available from areas of China, Mongolia, Iran, and Afghanistan, although the quality and usefulness of the product can vary depending upon the region. Clothes made from cashmere fabric can sometimes be very expensive, although there are cheaper varieties available. Although the traditional use is for clothes, some people do not like the feel of it on their skin, and would prefer to use it in another fashion. There are other arts and crafts uses to which cashmere fibers can be put.

Arts and Crafts

Most cashmere fabric can be used to make clothes, however, there is also a market for them in arts and crafts. This includes making them into small stuffed toys, or even using the fiber as an aid for embroidery. As cashmere is spun, it is perfectly suitable for use with a suitable arts and crafts practice. Anyone looking for an alternative use for a piece of cashmere fabric should consider using it in an arts and crafts project.

Rugs and Carpets

The second most common use of cashmere fabric is in rugs and carpets. Like all kinds of wool, the hair from a cashmere goat can be spun and turned into yarn. Once this yarn is produced, it can be then used in either hand or machine manufacture of small rugs and carpets. The type of cashmere used in the making of these materials is likely to be of a coarser, less refined wool, which would not be suitable for turning into garments. Cashmere fabric can also be stretched into carpets, although as the wool is so expensive, this is a very rare form of employment for cashmere. The fabric can also be used by the general public to make rugs and carpets from.

Camping Equipment

Another use for cashmere fabric is in ropes and tent curtains. Although the cashmere is a luxury item, the stronger and coarser fibers can be combined to produce tether ropes and the inside hangings for tents, although they are not commonly used, as cashmere is not waterproof. Blended with other types of fiber, they can be converted into a tough fabric that is suitable for long-term use.

Bags and Blankets

Cashmere fabric can also be sewn or manipulated into bags and blankets. A traditional use for cashmere was as a grain bag, although with increased demand, other fibers have taken its place in this use. However, the cashmere fiber can still be manipulated to form bags, such as school or duffel bags, which will allow you to transport items safely inside them. Other parts of the goat fiber can be used to make the drawstrings or leather catches for the outside of the bag.

Cashmere can also be used to make blankets, and are a popular source of baby blankets, as the wool is known to be soft and easy to manipulate.