Cast Iron Boiler Systems

A cast iron boiler is the an excellent option for a replacement boiler because it is easily installed. It is important to note that these iron boilers are utilized for low pressure heating only. This system has sensitive requirements for maintenance. Here are some things to know regarding cast iron boilers systems.

Water Requirement

Cast iron boilers are made up of rough surfaces therefore it needs greater attention to the water used for it to work effectively. Also, when sediments form in the water side of the boiler, it will be difficult to remove and there debris might harden and will later cause damage to the entire system.


In a cast iron boiler system, you commonly use either a cast iron push nipple or heat exchangers. It is recommended to use the former. Since these parts are responsible for heat transfer and durability, they are constantly exposed to recurrent expansion and contraction due to the regular heating and cooling. Cast iron push nipples are stronger and have tighter water seals.

Smith Cast Iron Boilers

This brand of boilers offers sealed combustion for water and steam heating systems. It is compact and is recommended for newly constructed homes without a chimney.

Dunkirk Cast Iron Boilers

Dunkirk had been making iron boilers for quite a long time and they are known for offering high quality at the best value and their boilers are suitable for residential or light commercial purposes. Also they assure to attain your heating needs with easy to install features and simple maintenance.