Cast Iron Cookware Set

While some cast iron cooking utensils may feature an enamel coating, a true-to-form cast iron cookware set consists of uncoated metal. Heavy duty, very durable and rustically attractive, cast iron cookware is commonly sold in multi-piece sets. Any number of components may be included with a package, including saucepans, saute pans, a stockpot, chef's pan, skillets and the appropriate lids. Cast iron is incredibly durable, making it perfect for outdoor or camping use. It has a place in the home, however, for cast iron cookware can last generations if properly cared for.

Design Process

Ideal for cooking stews, frying up bacon or making sauces among countless other culinary tasks, cast iron cookware acquires its characteristic appearance and quality through a special process. The metal is seasoned with a vegetable oil with is sprayed onto it in an electrostatic manner. The cookware is then baked, resulting in a fine sheen across the entire surface of the metal.


Cast iron cookware sets typically include multiple components, including one or more saucepans of varying capacity, a saute pan and perhaps a chef's pan plus lids. A stockpot or a Dutch oven is a primary element of any good set, while some may include an insertable stainless steel basket for making french fries or other fried foods. Comprehensive cast iron cookware sets commonly feature an 8- and 10-inch skillet.