Cast Iron Gutters: Cleaning and Maintenance

Cast iron gutters can make any home look great and add to the curb appeal. When installed correctly, these gutters can last lifetimes with just simple maintenance. If you have cast iron gutters, here are a couple things you can do to ensure a long life for them.

Regular Cleaning

Settling sediment can be the death of cast iron gutters. Because of this, you should clean the gutters thoroughly at least once a year. Climb a ladder and remove debris by hand. Then spray a garden hose through the gutters to clean any small sediment that has built up. 

Dealing with Leaks

Even though cast iron is a durable material, it can develop leaks around the joints and seams. When cast iron was first used in gutter systems, a pitch-soaked rope was used in the joints to form a water seal. This seal will degrade with time. You can use clear silicone and new joint bolts in the leaky joints. If the joints are especially difficult to reach, you may use a self-adhesive flashing tape over the inside part of the joint. You can paint over either of these options so the joint won't be noticeable.