Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace Restoration Tips

A cast iron outdoor fireplace can be a handsome addition to your backyard deck or patio. These classic looking fireplaces are great for providing heat and light on those cool fall evenings when you have friends and family over. Cast iron requires regular maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.  Here are some basic tips on restoring and maintaining cast iron.

Rust Removal

The number one killer of cast iron fireplaces is without a doubt, rust. Cast iron is a very durable material but rust will weaken it substantially over time.  Since your cast iron outdoor fireplace is exposed to the elements for the majority of its life, taking care of any rust that might appear is crucial to its performance.

When rust occurs, be prepared to fix it quickly and correctly. You can remove rust in a variety of ways depending on the amount that is covering your fireplace. The fastest way to remove the rust is with a bead or sand blaster. However, most people don’t own this equipment so you would probably have to rent one from a local rental facility. If you don’t want the added expense of renting equipment, you could use wire spinning wheels or steel wool to remove the rust. Be prepared to spend a longer period of time if you choose the latter method for removing the rust.

Paint or Primer

Once you’ve removed all the rust, you’ll want to apply a primer and finish coat of specially formulated paint designed specifically for metal. You can find these materials at your most major home improvement suppliers. When selecting the right paint and primer, you’ll want to choose one that is designed to protect metal from the outdoor elements. In addition, the paint or primer should also have the ability to resist high temperatures since its being applied to a cast iron outdoor fireplace.  After you’ve selected the paint, you can apply it with a large brush for the best results.

A cast iron outdoor fireplace is a great way to bridge the gap of old and new when designing a backyard setting. Restoring these fireplaces can require some effort but once they’re completed you can take pride in the fact that you helped bring an old relic back to life.