Cast Iron Pipe: Uses and Basic Facts

Cast iron pipe is great for many projects around the home. They are known for transporting water, storm drains and sewage and typically chosen over other options like PVC, especially in high rise projects like draining from the roof. Another great use for a cast iron pipe is for a garbage disposal because it is highly resistant to the grinding and abrasions that may be caused with food and particles going in and out daily.

Cast iron pipes are great for the environment. It is much better than PVC pipes because they can be recycled more easily and used over and over again for projects.

Another reason that cast iron pipes are better for home projects is because they don't echo when water moves through. The material is very dense so when water moves through the pipes in your house, you can't hear anything. PVC pipes however are not very good for home projects. They look very sturdy and are, but they are wide open in the middle so when water moves through them in your home, you can hear every sound that it makes. You do not want to be eating a nice dinner in the dining room or sleeping in the middle of the night and hear your sewage moving through the house.


The cost of cast iron pipes compared to PVC pipes is much lower because while they are similar, you will still need to insulate PVC pipes in order to keep the noise out while water runs through. The best part about the cost of cast iron pipes is that they are extremely durable so this is a one-time cost that will last you for years and years. You won't have to worry about having to replace the piping and can really depend on this reliable material.


There are four different pressure classes for cast iron pipes and each of those four vary in the outside diameter as well as the inner wall thickness. Class A and B have a smaller diameter than class C and class D. Different projects will vary in what class of cast iron piping you will need. Along with a class though they do come with actual number sizes to help you figure out what you will need and make it easier to spot.


If you are considering a home project you need to think about the supplies you will need. Cast iron pipe is your best bet for many of these challenges so getting the tools that go along with that material is essential. To cut cast iron pipes you will need either an electric cutter or grinder, or chain or snap cutters.

In the end, the best bet for you if you have never done a project like this before (especially plumbing) is go to the local hardware store and explain to them what needs to be done. They can help you with the tools you will need to cut your cast iron as well as the amount of material you will need. You can't go wrong with cast iron piping and you will be happy that you chose that material for any household piping job.