Cast Stone Mantel Shelf Ideas Cast Stone Mantel Shelf Ideas

Houses with fireplaces typically use the mantel as the focal-point of the room, especially cast stone mantels. Since it is usually the biggest object in the room, it will get the most attention. Since it will get the most attention, it should be a beautiful representation of the homeowner’s style. Cast stone mantel shelves provide raw and natural beauty and will fit in with a variety of décor styles.

When looking to update an existing mantel or mantle shelf, or build a brand new one, there are many cast stone mantel shelf ideas that can be completed by homeowners, or can be done by professionals.

Stack Stone

One of the trendy ways to accentuate a fireplace is with stacked cast stone. Stacked stone is making its way into the décor spotlighted on TV and magazines all over the country. It works well in any room, from the living room to the kitchen, to the bathroom. The stone’s original beauty is showcased without paint or other appearance altering treatments. Stacked cast stone is used just like brick; it is small pieces of stone that is held together with a mortar mix. The stone can be stacked as high as needed to create the desired results. A larger room will typically have a larger fireplace mantel and a larger shelf. Using pieces of cast stone provides the ability to customize the finished look of the mantel and shelf.

Contrast Color

One way to really make the shelf stand out is to use cast stone in a contrasting color to the rest of the fireplace and mantel. A contrasting color that is accented throughout the rest of the room will really bring the room together. For example, if the mantel is red brick, or a darker stone color, use light colored cast stone for the shelf section. Then, use window treatments and throw pillows with that same color

Spruce Up: Combine Materials

Another way to spruce up a mantle is to use a combination of materials. Perhaps a marble face, with a matching cast stone mantle shelf. The two different mediums will provide an elegant look while being easy to maintain. Tile and cast stone also looks very good together. Vary the tile size to create an interesting design, like using small mosaic tiles for a border, or to make small diamond designs on the corners of the mantle face. The small mosaic tiles can be in the same color as the cast stone shelf, while the rest of the tiles are a different, yet coordinating color.

More Symmetry: Single Material

When looking for a little more symmetry, use the same material for the entire mantle and shelf, but choose slightly different colors. This is best achieved when the colors are in the same family, but just a few shades lighter and darker. To avoid a checkerboard look, use at least three different color variations. Use a few different shades of gray, or a couple different shades of browns and off whites. To customize this look, create a wide shelf to hold all your favorite knick-knacks, or a nice mirror and some flowers. You are only limited by your imagination.

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