Catalytic Converter Systems: 3 Signs of Overheating

Drivers who have problems with their exhaust and emissions systems may have troubling catalytic converter symptoms that are warning them there’s something wrong with their vehicle. Knowing about these critical symptoms of an underlying condition can help vehicle owners get appropriate fixes before the state of their catalytic converter get out of hand.

The Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter helps deal with engine exhaust, taking troublesome particles out of the engine emissions. If the catalytic converter overheats, it can cause a lot of problems for the driver.

Symptoms of Catalytic Converter Overheating

1. Hot Exhaust Pipe

When the catalytic converter overheats, it can cause the area around it to become red hot. Sometimes, when a mechanic puts in overheating vehicle on a lift, the heat is visible because the metal around the pipe is red.

2. Check Engine Light

An overheating catalytic converter will often turn on the check engine light on a vehicle dashboard. Drivers can get engine trouble codes read by professional shops. This will tell them whether they’re catalytic converter is in danger of overheating

3. Exhaust Symptoms

In some cases, the overheating catalytic converter will cause changes in the visible exhaust from a vehicle. Some skilled mechanics can see evidence of a catalytic converter in trouble when they look at what’s coming out of the tailpipe. Most drivers should not rely on this kind of diagnosis, but should consult a skilled mechanic if any of the above problems occur.