Catch Basin

A catch basin helps take out debris like leaves, garbage, and mud from a drainage system. Many people use them in their yard to help with rainstorm water. To make a catch basin, there are a lot of procedures you need to follow.

  • First, dig out an area where your catch basin will sit, about 1’ down.
  • Block off the area with safety barriers and lay down some bedding concrete of at least 4”. The bedding is usually the same as the thickness of the slab.
  • Wait until it has set enough to support the catch basin before you install it. Use a level to adjust the basin into the correct place.
  • Replace the water pipes and fill the edges of the catch basin with concrete.
  • To finish your catch basin, cover the top of it with a grate.

Cleaning Your Catch Basin

Every so often you will have to clean the catch basin from all of the garbage that gets stuck in it. Use a garbage bag and rubber gloves to clean out large amounts of debris. Usually it is best to do this in the fall, since leaves tend to pile up in front of the grate. You may, however, need to clean your catch basin more often depending on where it is.